Glaciers, Lakes, and Streams

21 Jul

1) On Tuesday we took a helicopter over, on, and around the Scott Glacier and some coastal areas near Seward (Reminder: General Seward bought Alaska from the Russians in 1867 for $7.2 million. Good buy). The topography and geology of the glaciers was really remarkable, in some places jagged and other places incredibly smooth. On one flyby, we witnessed a glacial calving (when a huge chunk falls into the water).

Humpack whale breaching:

Glacier calving:

Scott Glacier

No sight of the bottom of this crevass

Free water

Another glacier from about 1000 feet up

Sealions cooling out

2) On Sunday we took a small boat into the Gulf of Alaska in search of some otters to snorkle with. What we found was much better: spawning salmon. Every few minutes a gull would swoop down in an attempt to catch its dinner. To avoid predation, the salmon dashed through the water in packs. Shoutout to Ian for some of these shots.

3) As I’ve mentioned, the sun sets around midnight in Southeast Alaska. The setting sun often infuses the clouds with pastel colors to create a really cool dimming effect. Here is a series of shots from 9pm to midnight to show the way the light changes.






One Response to “Glaciers, Lakes, and Streams”

  1. Christine W. Huang July 22, 2011 at 3:51 am #

    the 9 – midnight shots are rad. 1130pm – great shot. looks like dawn. ALASKA!

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